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American Turners Organization

American Turner Societies by District

  Central States  www.centralstatesturners.org New Jersey  
      Covington      Carlstadt  
     Louisville www.louisvilleturners.org    Passaic  
     Toledo linked to Central States site New York  
     Athenaeum linked to Central States site    New York www.atnybx.com
     Cincinnati linked to Central States site

   Long Island  

     Fort Wayne linked to Central States site    Schenectady  
     River City      
     South Side linked to Central States site St. Louis  
         Concordia www.concordiaturners.org
  Illinois      Kansas City  
     N.W. Chicago www.northwestturners.org    N. St. Louis  
     Elgin www.elginturners.org    Schiller  
     Eiche www.eicheturners.org Upper Mississippi  
     Aurora      Central Rockford  
         Keystone www.keystoneturners.com
  Lake Erie      Moline  
     Akron  www.akronturners.com    N.W. Davenport  
     Clev. East Side   W. Pennsylvania  
     Cleveland STV      Beaver Falls  
     Buffalo, NY      Johnstown  
  Middle Atlantic      Monaca  
     Baltimore      Monongahela  
     Riverside      Rochester, PA www.rochesterturners.com
     Wilmington www.wilmingtonturners.org Western U.S.  
         Denver www.denverturnverein.org
  Minnesota      Los Angeles www.laturners.com/
     New Ulm      
     St. Anthony   Wisconsin  
     Twin City      East Side  
         Madison www.madisonturners.com
  New England      Milwaukee www.milwaukeeturners.org
     Adams      Sheboygan  
     Clinton www.clintonturners.com    
     Holyoke www.the-spa.com/holyoke.turners/    
     Providence www.providenceturners.co.nr    
     Springfield http://springfieldturnverein.com/    
     Syracuse www.geocities.com/syracuseturners/  


Friedrich Ludwig Jahn | Father of Gymnastics.Turner History Links

150 Years of Turnerism in the United States

GYMMEDIA - Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

American Turners on Answers.com/Wikipedia

Friedrich L. Jahn - The Father of Gymnastics

Herman J. Koehler - Second Generation German-American Turner


Turnerism is Americanism - Turner Topics Published December 1938 (PDF Download)

Galena's Turner Hall

Watertown, WI Turner Hall

National Festivals of the American Turners

German Heritage

Chicago Turners:          Encyclopedia of Chicago  

                                 Photo-Class at a German Turnverein, mid-1880's


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